Ingenya: Con mente positiva enfrentando la pandemia

Ingenya: facing the pandemic with a positive mindset

The path is clear: we will continue strengthening our regional position, supporting industrial companies in their expansion or remodeling projects.

We have lived through one of the most complicated stages in modern times, the spread of “SARS COV 2 coronavirus”, which changed many aspects of our lives.

Businesses were not spared by this challenging situation that has claimed the lives of millions of people worldwide, but which also challenged us with envisioning new ways of living and doing business.

We successfully navigated this process through early compliance with safety measures, which allowed us to maintain operations at 100% and currently allows us to continue under a controlled “normality”.

At Ingenya Consulting we have maintained a responsible attitude, relying on the professionalism of our staff, flexibly adapting to this new way of doing business..

Elvis Kalnins, Commercial Manager of Ingenya Consulting, was clear in stating that the process was not easy, yet it was necessary:

“It was a major and drastic change, but we were able to control the stress, anxiety and frustration with the procedures, tools and technologies that we had already been using. Although days became longer because we were always online, we quickly adapted by streamlining our agendas”.

Elvis Kalnins, Commercial Manager

Obviously in this business model hard work and communication are key, and the commitment of our entire work team has been one of the key components to not only fulfill all our company’s commitments, but also to go above and beyond expectations and performance goals despite working 100% online.

At Ingenya Consulting we made it a point to seek the same level of internal communication efficiency with our business partners. In the projects that were already underway we talked with the people in charge and created an online working group, which helped maintain a fluid communication throughout the rest of the project’s life cycle.

Of course, due to legal restrictions that were implemented at a country level, certain construction projects were halted and with them the inspection by Ingenya professionals. But this did not stop the review of internal processes, which were focused on guaranteeing quality, and we continued to focus on ways to move forward more efficiently once work could be resumed.

However, while at Ingenya we were able to focus on positive aspects despite the seriousness of the situation, it also became transparent that many industries need to improve in a number of key areas, as they were caught unprepared by such an aggressive and sudden change: «heavy reliance on current internal processes was a major obstacle, which generated a lot of uncertainty during the first months, while companies came up with alternative plans”. Ingenya was undoubtedly helped by the transformation process that we started in 2016 and which led our company to strengthen its structure, culture, processes and tools, which were key in tackling the challenge of this pandemic.

What’s new in 2021

2020 marked monumental lessons for every sector. We saw companies reinvent themselves, while others did not live up to their targets and ended up shutting down. Ingenya Consulting has not stopped working hard with a view to the future.

For 2021, during the first quarter, we will continue working under hybrid modality, with intermittent presence in our central offices in Avenida Escazu, with collaborators also continuing to work from home the rest of the time, a strategy which has been essential and has been successful thanks to our staff’s positive attitude.

Making progress on projects will continue to be our company’s main focus, and we extend our commitment to all our commercial partners: they will continue to receive the same professional and dedicated service that has defined Ingenya for over 20 years, and which today has positioned us as one of the industry leaders.

For Elvis Kalnins the path is clear: “we will continue to strengthen our regional position, supporting industrial companies in their expansion or remodeling projects.


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