Ingenya Consultores, by our clients’ side

Ingenya Consulting, the right company for transforming construction challenges into efficient and highly profitable realities.

Ingenya Consulting, the right company for transforming construction challenges into efficient and highly profitable realities.

December 2019.

Daily, in our lives, we are faced with challenges that we must overcome. We must constantly identify the best solutions to grow as individuals, regardless of the field we operate in.

Highly reputable businesses are not exempt from these same challenges, but companies like Ingenya Consulting are known for taking these challenges and transforming them into efficient and highly marketable construction realities.

The company has been at the forefront of consultancy services for various multinationals that have come to our country to start doing business.

Faced with this wave of development, Ingenya set itself the goal of being the company with the best cover letter to satisfy their needs. The company’s specialization in consulting and in the development of warehouse design, clean rooms, construction plans for warehouses, electrical plans, etc., have led the company to position itself at the top of a very competitive market segment.

Elvis Kalnins, the company’s Commercial Manager, speaks of this experience:

“Every project is a fantastic opportunity for growth and learning, due to the high technical standards and quality required. In each project we have achieved a synergy with our clients, which has resulted in them extending their contracts, opening the doors for us to the international market.”

Ingenya Consulting’ experience is extensive. 20 years in a demanding market such as construction consulting, have forged the company into a real, firm and clear option for your needs, with a high range of specializations in the evaluation of industrial facilities, capable of providing serious and effective solutions.

The consultancy provided to each client is comprehensive, and assessment goes far beyond mere budgetary issues. Ingenya puts the company’s values first and is always focused on delivering projects that exceed the requested quality standards.

Variables as complex as company culture, types of influence, foods, particular interests and any factor that allows us to better understand the market are all things we consider in the development of any project we carry out.

Ingenya Consulting’ specializations span the medical, pharmaceutical, electronic and food devices industries, among others. All these markets have high and varied technical requirements, but we have managed to develop a methodology which (thanks to the processes, tools and the expertise of our team) allows us to face our clients’ various challenges.

According to the company’s Commercial Manager, one of the biggest challenges was the development of controlled rooms or “clean rooms”, which are designed to guarantee product safety, provide insulation and certify the product, regulating temperature, degree of humidity and airflow. These types of projects are currently one of Ingenya‘s specializations.

Demands and challenges are greater every day, and everyone involved in these processes must constantly be trained and updated. Ingenya is aware that providing high quality service means having high quality staff that can truly understand  our clients’ needs and requirements.

Ingenya is a Latin American regional design firm. The projects we develop are critical and very important for our clients, therefore, we apply in-depth analysis and specialized consulting to help them achieve their goals.

As a company, Ingenya seeks ways to mitigate obstacles in order to obtain the most effective results from each process, delivering sustainable projects tailored to every need, generating significant savings for our clients.


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