We understand the unique needs of our clients, which is why we offer comprehensive services that account for the specific challenges and characteristics of their projects.


One of the main pillars behind our work is the integration of the four design disciplines.

We created a coordinated team that focuses on developing high-level projects, providing the client a single point of contact, optimizing timeframes and streamlining processes.

We conduct an in-depth analysis of priorities, impacts, finishings, relationships and opportunities in each area, taking into account the requirements of our client, the project and of the various disciplines involved.

Diseño Arquitectonico

Our approach is based on an in-depth understanding of the client’s processes, integrating all elements of design to positively influence both the aesthetics and functionality of the project.

We design the infrastructures required to guarantee the safety of buildings, production plants and all kinds of operational support areas; in alignment with international standards.

We study the requirements of all mechanical systems, HVAC, electrical power systems, lighting, fire systems, telecommunications, CCTV, access control and BMS.

Our designs follow national and international standards.

With inspection processes during construction, we guarantee that the project is developed correctly, in alignment with design guidelines and protecting our clients’ interests.

Inspection is conducted with a multidisciplinary team that makes periodic visits, reports and controls on the adjustments, ensuring that they comply with project requirements.


We listen to our clients and together with them analyze and research the best solutions for the development of each project, involving each of the related disciplines.

We gain a deep understanding of the requirements of our client’s processes and services, and analyze every scenario, to finally propose agile and efficient solutions that enhance the project.

Consultoría Alto Nivel Ingenya Consultores


Administración de Proyectos Ingenya

To guarantee the correct development of the design and construction stages of the project, we have a specialized team that allows the client to have a point of contact.

This team is in charge of integrating communications, schedules and preventing risk situations.